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Pub #1975:

The Sunday run was to the Liberty Bounds whilst making quite a dent in the TfL Run Project.  It was a cold morning and I think turning up soaked in sweat at 9:05 am made a bit of an impression on some of the customers (this is one of the nicer Wetherspoons in the City or, technically, just outside the City hence the name — it’s right across from the Tower of London).



I asked for a porter having spotted Sambrook’s on tap but the bartender went to another pump.  I stopped him just short and we shared (a little too much of) an awkward laugh about not spotting that there were two porters on at the same time.

I headed up the heavy, wooden stairs to find the upper bar area beautifully appointed and closed to customers a present.  Oh, well…the views would have been better there, but the beer wouldn’t have tasted any better (this was a weak excuse for a porter, unusual for Sambrook’s).


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Diverse Sections, Central/Hammersmith & City/Circle/District Lines, TfL Run Project   1 comment

Today called for a typical pre-dawn Sunday start to get in 20 miles timed for arrival at a Wetherspoons just as the locks come off the taps at 9 am.  The TfL Run Project also benefited from, first, a section of the Central Line starting near the house; later after the canal section a bit of the Hammersmith & City (then, Circle), followed by a brief TfL free bit to rejoin the Central Line.  After Bank Station, a quick jog to Cannon Street rejoined the Circle and District Lines ending at Aldgate Station.

The first, dark bit hit Ruislip Gardens, South Ruislip, and Northolt Stations:



The Hammersmith & City and first Circle Line segments were Westbourne, Royal Oak, Paddington, and Edgware Road Stations:



Royal Oak is neat, with the entrance situated on an old, metal bridge:



Paddington seemed especially quiet at dawn:


And, Edgware Road is simply loverly.


The long-ish Central Line section involved everything from Marble Arch to Bank:



The Oxford Street entrance to Bond Street looks closed.



Holborn is in a lovely building but is one of the least attractive of the older stations, within:



You’d think St Paul’s would be more grand, as well:



And, Bank looks like a colourful version of the Ministry of Love:



On the Circle Line 2nd Section (and short segment of the District Line), Cannon Street was closed with guards at the gates:



Monument has the most discreet station name markings of any of them:


Just after this, a stop at Liberty Bounds for a pint seemed well deserved.  I checked to see if there were any travel problems and they were rife so I opted to continue to Aldgate to catch the Metropolitan back to Ruislip:




On the way, I picked up Tower Hill Station (that’s the Tower of London in the background):



And, safely to my transport option:



The Circle Line now stands like this:


Hammersmith & City, thus:



The paradoxically named Circle Line consists of opposing arcs:


And, the District Line is progressing nicely:


Here’s the master map, with the new bits included:


South Harrow (& Rayners Lane) to Ruislip, Piccadilly & Metropolitan Lines, TFL Run Project   Leave a comment


An exhausting week just past resulted in me lying in this morning and not getting out for the day’s run until nearly sunset.  Not that you could see the sun in the downpour.



Heading east, I passed South Harrow Station (above) then worked my way up to Rayners Lane.  At the confluence of two great transport arteries — in this case, the Piccadilly and Metropolitan Lines — you can usually expect some structure of great cultural or religious significance.  Here I found the Zoroastrian Centre:



The station, just across the road, is one of my favourites:



Although, working westward, Eastcote Station is pretty good, too, despite the crap minicab dispatch office stinking up the view:



I arrived on Victoria Road heading to Ruislip Manor just as the Christmas Lights Turn-On was breaking up and I had to weave through crowds almost all the way to the rail bridge.  Stupidly, I knew this was tonight from dropping shit off at the library just a few hours earlier; but, it was only a hundred meters or so of glazed eyes and heavy traffic.



Finally, at Ruislip Station I was able to close the loop by heading down West End Road where a tall G&T awaited.  Sköl!



This start on the Metropolitan and the current segments finished on the Piccadilly are shown here:




And the overall progress:


Charing Cross to Embankment, Northern and Bakerloo Lines, TFL Run Project   2 comments

This run also has a segment of the Central Line from Shepherd’s Bush to Marble Arch and another on the Piccadilly Line from Knightsbridge to Green Park.


Okay, this is the most taking-the-piss section, probably, on the whole London Underground.  There are tons of stations that have longer walks from gate-to-platform than there is between the far side of Charing Cross Station to Embankment.

And, halfway down there the Beaujolais Nouveaux Day breakfast awaited.



The segments are so close together that it hardly makes a difference on the individual tube line maps:


Northern Line progress

Bakerloo Line segment



Here are all of today’s segments for the curious:

And the overall progress:



Knightsbridge to Green Park, Piccadilly Line, TFL Run Project   2 comments

This run also has a segment of the Central Line from Shepherd’s Bush to Marble Arch and another short one from Charing Cross to Embankment shared by the Northern and Bakerloo Lines.

Just across the road from Hyde Park on my way to Knightsbridge Station, I spotted this grand sculpture.  I think it is titled, “Naked Ethnics Escaping Indentured Servitude At The Oligarch’s Arms Apartments.”  Or, it should be.



Knightsbridge Station is under repair:



Hyde Park Corner has all the sculpture you ever need, but the station, itself, recedes into the undergrowth:



Then, after an easy drift along Green Park itself, I found Green Park Station and headed south to the Mall then east to Villiers Street for the Beaujolais Nouveaux Day breakfast:



Here are all of today’s segments for the curious:

And the overall progress:

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Shepherd’s Bush to Marble Arch, Central Line, TFL Run Project   2 comments

This run also has a segment of the Piccadilly Line from Knightsbridge to Green Park and another short one from Charing Cross to Embankment shared by the Northern and Bakerloo Lines.

A start on the Central Line


Not much of interest on this run, but of course I’ve covered these tracks many times.

I caught an early Tube to Shepherd’s Bush Station then headed toward the Beaujolais Nouveaux Day breakfast at Gordon’s Wine Bar.  I had 6 miles scheduled and just made it , eventually, turning on the GPS just outside the station:



Bayswater Road is fairly straight, not hilly, and eventually runs the north side of Hyde Park.  Next up on the trot was Holland Park Station where, at 7:30 am, the drones were still just trickling out:



The pavements were crowded around Notting Hill Gate, but this still was nothing compared to any time between 9 am and 9 pm:



When I did the London Underround for my birthday a few years back, I tried to get in this side of Queensway Station and it was gated then.  There are turnstiles, as there were then, but you still have to turn the corner to enter the Station:



I never really appreciated how ugly Lancaster Gate Station is, before this morning:



The wealthy buurt along Bayswater turns into the shoppers hell of Oxford Street at Marble Arch, where my run turned SW across the park, past the Serpentine, and over to Knightsbridge:



Here are all of today’s segments for the curious:

And the overall progress:

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Gordon’s Wine Bar, Charing Cross, London & Beaujolais Nouveaux Day   3 comments


Pub #1974:

This year’s Beaujolais Nouveaux were released at midnight and Gordon’s Wine Bar opened at 8 for those who fancied a glass with breakfast. I made my way as far as Shepherds Bush on the Tube then ran the rest of the way in arriving both hungry and thirsty.

Gordon’s is a splendid place. From without, you could be forgiven for thinking it was an old bicycle repair shop. But, brave the steep, narrow staircase into the dark depths and you find yourself in a cellar dug into the Embankment. Atmospheric doesn’t begin to describe it.


I had the kedgeree partly because it is one of my favourite culinary discoveries since refugee-ing here and partly because I reckoned the smoked fish would be a more formidable challenge to the new plonk than the English brekkie.  If you go subsequent years, go hungry: you can have both (but I would have needed the bottle for that, and it would’ve blown my budget).


I was right and wrong. This is better than the typical BN (I’ve been following this annual charade for the 34 years since I was Ill-advisedly made the night manager at the liquor store I toiled at in North Saint Louis County, MO), and it would have been absolutely delightful with the blood pudding, bacon, and eggs. But, the kedgeree was a treat, too, so despite diminishing the wine tasting experience I consider this one of my better solitary trips to a bar.

Let’s hope next year’s batch measures up.




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