The Blacksmith’s Arms, Rotherhithe, London   2 comments

Pub #2062:

I was looking for the pier for the ferry to Canary Wharf, mid-run, when the Blacksmith’s Arms emerged.  A pint of Seafarers awaited inside.



Along with the pint, I was presented with a snooty waiter (I daren’t call him a bartender), and a bunch of yuppie scum scattered amongst the tables.  Turns out, the neighbourhood is suffering from gentrification (even the pier is accessed through a Hilton) and this pub serves the invaders.  Collaboration can be such an ugly word.

As I drank, I saw a father and son (or at least a mentor and young fellow of about 10 or 11 years old) riding bicycles with scarves pulled up over their noses.  It wasn’t cold enough for how that sounds; they appeared more like a generationally mismatched pair of robbers out seeking clients.  Like I said earlier, I can’t decide how I feel about Rotherhithe but at least the REAL residents seem to cling to the old ways.


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Canada Water to Shadwell, Jubilee and DLR, TfL Run Project   1 comment


I can’t decide how I feel about Rotherhithe.  But, the next segments of the TfL Run Project started there at Canada Water Station following the Jubilee Line then Docklands Light Rail back up to Shadwell.  I followed a canal through a lot of new build houses and met many strollers of babies and, of course, kids older than toddlers who should be walking.




Canada Water

I was impressed with the preserved wetlands around this chunk of real estate and I didn’t even get into the woodland park at the centre.  Late afternoon and hardly anytime to stop except maybe for a quick pint at the Blacksmith’s Arms (write-up soon) before catching the ferry over to Canary Wharf.



The nearest bridge would have added miles to the run.



There’s Canary Wharf Tube Station:


Canary Wharf Tube


Which is all I was able to add to the Jubilee Line (but one of the three aforementioned “hardest” segments in the whole system … the next two are slightly worse, but those are for another day.


At this point, I needed to hurry along the DLR to try for Shadwell before dark:



As quickly as I could, with the new shoes making this a harder than expected run, I ticked off Canary Wharf DLR Station (across from the Tube stop), West India Quay, and Westferry.


Canary Wharf DLR

West India Quay



An angel on a defunct pub on the way to Limehouse:



The tunnel, again (but, not ever considering running it at rush hour on a Friday):



Limehouse and Shadwell in the fast-failing light:





I continued on, with a post-run pint at the Hungerford Arms (write-up soon) en route, to Whitechapel to catch a Hammersmith & City train in sort of the right direction home.  There are not many more of these to do, as the system map shows:



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Waterloo & City, All In One Go, TfL Run Project   Leave a comment


The Waterloo & City Line only goes between Waterloo and Bank Stations, but its route overlaps none of the others on the TfL Run Project.  A “hanging” segment, I approached it at the Bank end for the 1½ miles to Waterloo (where I caught the train out to Canada Water for some of the Jubilee Line and Docklands Light Rail).



Not much to say, really.  Avoided business folk by a cunning choice of side alleys to Southwark Bridge and the rest was just meant to avoid tourists and business prats the rest of the way in.








Here’s the system map at end of the day (includes the Jubilee and DLR sections in another post):


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Old Boots to the Bin   Leave a comment


I run heal-to-toe from the outside, in.  It is more apparent when I have more rigid soles, like on this pair of Brooks GTS 16 running shoes first worn on New Year’s Day 2017.  Matched with another pair, the four shoes have run more than 2300 miles altogether and been worn almost daily for, easily, another 1200 or so.



The new ones that replaced these have much softer soles such that I can feel much finer corrugations in the running surfaces and, as one would barefoot, I am running much more on the balls of my feet in them.  Moderate workouts have been, as a result of the change in architecture in the shoes and mechanics of the running effort, exhausting.  Whole families of small muscles — especially in my feet and lower legs — are paying dearly for the inactivity they have enjoyed whilst others helped my frame balance on the narrow pieces of un-eroded sole over the last several months.

They have been loyal companions but I can read through the bottoms of the Brooks.  Bye-bye.



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The Prince Albert, Brixton, London   Leave a comment

Pub #2061:

Back in Brixton to visit a new friend, we didn’t linger as he was nursing a toothache.  Funny guy, he’d waited ages for a dentist’s appointment then begged off because he didn’t want his jaw numbed on a Friday night.  “Beers this early in the morning?” he asked, ironically.

“Cider, actually,” Jackie pointed out as I was saying, “yes, mom…we’ve been up for ages, already.”



He went home again, shortly, and we spent an hour or so in Book Mongers, picking up a few things we haven’t been able to find in the local libraries. Sleeting and windy when we exited, Jackie pointed at the Prince Albert across the street and half-asked, “cider?”

Hers was standard and mine a cloudy peary but it foamed and spat at our French bartendress.  “Wooee zhould naiver stock thees ceeder eenie moor. Wooee pooer alf of eet done zee zink!”  So, she may not be so much French as a cast member of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Cheap bar, for London.  Appears set up for kids (the 20-somethings that fancy a DJ and cheap bevvies, not toddlers).



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Green Park to Queen’s Park, Piccadilly finished and Overground, TfL Run Project   Leave a comment



The sun now rises early enough for there to be a scattering of natural light by the time you reach the West End on the first Sunday Tube of the morning. Still, there are hardly any tourists out for another hour or so (making this the ideal time to amble through the normally packed pavements of Soho). These streets would otherwise be some of the hardest to manage of the TfL Run Project.




I made my start at Green Park Station, emerging across from the park, proper.


Green Park

It’s Valentine’s Day Wednesday (when I’m finally getting around to writing this entry). The Cupid of Piccadilly Circus is looking for victims. Or, is this a monument to Lionel Shriver?



Piccadilly Circus Station (and the fiery pits of hell) down here.



Piccadilly Circus

I have never noticed this Swiss clock at Leicester Square, but unlike tourists I have places to go and things to do and the manners to recognise that others on the street might also do. Time-based irony, there.




Leicester Square and Covent Garden Stations are remarkably close. It takes more steps to get to and from the platforms of these stations than it does to walk, at street level, between the two.



Leicester Square

Covent Garden


Another sight previously unseen is this majestic Masonic Temple, nearly over to Holborn Station:






This is one of the two oldest Pizza Express franchises (one of the oldest two has live jazz Sunday afternoon, almost making the dreadful pizzas forgivable). I like the topiary aspect of this building:




It has been ages since I last posted a Spectacular London Puke, but this one at Russell Square has good texture and coverage. Bravo (or brava).




Russell Square and King’s Cross/St Pancras were done just before 8 am.



Russell Square

King’s Cross

The Piccadilly Line is now complete:





A short jog to Euston to start a section of the Overground:






It is a long haul to South Hampstead but you can do it through or very near Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill (which is nice). Kilburn High Road, and Queen’s Park are a bit closer goals, thereafter.



South Hampstead

Kilburn High Road

Queen’s Park


Manageable in about four or five runs on the Northern, Waterloo & City, Jubilee, and DLR here is the “remainders” overlay:



Here’s the system map:


The White Swan, Islington, London   1 comment


Pub #2060:

Ahhh, football, hmmm?  Isn’t it? Boisterous songs and the bar won’t open till 11 because it’s game day and jumpers for goalposts?  A young man preloading before the bar and vomiting on a non-football fan’s running shoes…marvelous.

That was the White Swan.  In at 10:55 in a cue with 200 assholes that would much rather fight than wait until the bar started serving (despite it being a ‘Spoons, game day rules make the taps later than usual).  I considered ordering a tray of Guinness to make things even slower but even just asking for the one pint of ale I was served a lager.  Fine.  At least I could change out of my wet (if not out of the puked-upon) bits of my running kit, now.





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