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Aren’t you eager?  Well, this blog hasn’t really started yet but as I’ve been ill and I am running out of my free storage allocation at the original Endless British Pub Crawl, I’ve spent some time feverishly (quite literally so) prepping its successor.  You’re welcome here, of course, but it is going to be quiet until December 2014 or January 2015.  The About Drunken Bunny page might change a bit but the policies laid down on the original blog (in About 1PumpLane and in the Mission Statement and Policies) will also be applied here.  So, until then, go get yourself a nice beverage (and feel free to Buy Me A Beer, too, while you’re at it).

Over there at the still existing site, the most recent bits of interest are a fish and chips lunch at a pub and a Daily Tipple (this involves a daily haiku as well as some adult beverage not previously written up this year).  There are also literary sketches of the first 1292 pubs I’ve had beverages in (along with shitloads of photography), routes for runners investigated by yours truly, and enough nonsense to get a lesser man sectioned.  My first real posts here will be a list of personal favourite posts from there (the ones I’m most happy with — even proud of — tend to be nasty, brutish, and short (with gratuitous nudity sprinkled in for good measure).  See you soon.


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