2015-01-18 Recreational Run (11.5 miles of mud)   3 comments

2015-01-18 eleven and a half miles of mud

It was quite literally (albeit barely) freezing as I left for the bus to Chippenham and no more than a degree centigrade higher when I started today’s run.  The ground was saturated and the first unpaved trail I hit smelled like sewage and was slick as snot.  Still, it yielded a nice little subway under an overgrown farm track:

2015-01-18 tunnel in a farm

Continuing on through frosted fields I soon found a hardpacked trail over the rail lines and this led to pavement which was the path to Langley Burrell, a village that a race passed through on the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center airliner bombings and that, on a happier note, the publican at the Langley Tap set out a beer for me to enjoy as I passed by.

2015-01-18 track over the railway

My side trip on this run was meant to seek out the premature flouring of a hash’s trail and, indeed, I found it.  I also found copious quantities of mud and standing water as I left this first task and plodded on to the Lansdowne Arms, the last pub within 5 miles of here I could visit for the first time.  Regardless the cold and damp, the skies were gorgeous and my goals for the day (at least ten miles, a G-Had strike, and a new pub) were met.

2015-01-18 saturated



3 responses to “2015-01-18 Recreational Run (11.5 miles of mud)

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  1. Nice concept, happy muddy running…


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