Lansdowne Arms, Derry Hill, Wiltshire   3 comments

Lansdowne Arms Derry Hill sign

The run had been a struggle and it didn’t help that Derry Hill is straight up and the road has little-to-no shoulder (verge) but I arrived at the Lansdowne Arms only 5 minutes after the doors opened.  However, the place really looks less pub-like inside than restaurantesque.  No matter, there was Old Timer (a Wadworth seasonal brew) awaiting this old-timer and while it was vastly overpriced it was just what I needed at the 10.7 mile mark.

2015-01-18 old timer map and timetable at the lansdowne

A fellow I suspect to be the chef (and who I also suspect might be the landlord) arrived behind the bar with an apron wrapped insufficiently around his waist and sleeves rolled up to his armpits — a good look on a large man. He grabbed a pitcher and mumbled something about how that ‘would do’ then headed out to the side garden area.

No one spoke which was surprising as this isn’t prime runner’s territory and I was covered in mud and rural debris and drenched with sweat in the still-nearly-freezing weather.  Again, not so much a bar as a diner, but every pub is a crap shoot.  Having satisfied my curiosity and thirst, I restarted the run to catch the bus for Swindon at the nearest stop (in Studley).

Lansdowne Arms Derry Hill



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