Clothier’s Arms, Stroud, Gloucestershire   1 comment

Clothiers Arms Stroud sign

My run brought me to Stroud a little late to try to catch the 1:37 train so I popped into the Clothier’s Arms for my fifth beer of the day.


Clothiers Arms Stroud bar metal

The place was overflowing but the landlord was unflappable.  While taking money for one order he was starting a stout and pulling a shandy for another and took my request then shouted out some directions to several food service employees.  Turns out he was 3 or 4 deep in orders as he started another and took two more fairly complicated drinks orders before he started pumping my bitter then mentioned my bill amount as he passed by with someone else’s drinks and took my fiver as he passed on the return, then handed me my change the next pass.  It is really gratifying to see someone work at this level.

Clothiers Arms Stroud smoke room metal

My phone battery was nearly flat so I opted to keep the GPS on and just get the outside photo from Google Maps (except for the empty car park, this is how it looks).

clothiers arms google street view



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