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Royal Oak Woodchester sign

On the OS map I spotted the site of another pub a little less than a mile from the Ram and with the advantage of it being on essentially a topo line with the pub. I ran with gusto (and three pints, so far…well, almost three after getting fucked out of some of my purchase at the foul Brittania) and was before the door of the Royal Oak in less than five minutes, still chewing the sandwich I finished on the way.


Royal Oak Woodchester window


The Scottish landlord is an incredibly friendly fellow and the small Public Bar was heaving with activity and not a small amount of traffic in and out. There was a roaring fire there but I was more interested in the rest of the building and wandered around on my own. There are some really fantastic features kept in the house like the heavy beams (which may well be replacements) and the details around the large fireplace in the Lounge Bar.


Royal Oak Woodchester fireplace


But, these are insulted by the modern plaster work around it. You have to wonder if it was really necessary (perhaps it covers some emergency structural work or hides some waterproofing or a wall collapse), and if not necessary then how did the owner get planning permission? Maybe the place isn’t considered historically or culturally important enough for Listing, but the few exposed bits you can glimpse put this to the lie.

Oh, sorry. I’m being picky and bitchy about what is, in essence, one of the finer pubs I’ve hit in the last few months. Do drop in sometime.


Royal Oak Woodchester



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