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2015-01-25 fourteen-plus miles

[Note: this is more of a proper write-up of the G-Had HHH trail #55 than the one that appears on that web page, but that one is much more thoughtful…they go together, though.]

There was a sense of urgency in the first leg of the Sunday run. The train arrived in Stroud at 10:20 but the start of the hash in Nailsworth was at 11:00 and even if the CVH3 generally runs at Hash Standard Time (ie, late) there wouldn’t be much leeway between covering the distance to Nailsworth and finding some of their trail. It also didn’t help that a mile or two down the rail trail some stunning graffiti appeared under a bridge.

Okay, sure, the Maya Angelou bit was probably a screen print but there were more interesting abstract bits around (I urinated beneath a large stomach or bladder that was smoking a cigar, for instance).

Stroud to Nailsworth bridge graffito 1

Back on the run, I arrived in the town centre just before 11 and found a flour arrow pointing up a hill. Following this, I was confounded by double blobs but also, on occasion, single ones. I made the guess that the doubles are ‘on’ and the singles are ‘maybe,’ but still am not sure. I found falsies that were lines and others that were T’s and there were check circles, too. I came to the conclusion that I was following the trail in reverse then set down some extra circles and led one of these false checks off to the Weighbridge Pub which, sadly, was not yet open.

Stroud to Nailsworth bridge graffito 4

Doubling back to the circle check, I headed up a permissive path whilst laying some more powder but soon heard, “ON-ON!” ringing out through the wood and could even see the FRB’s scrambling my way…fine, I thought: I had a quarter-mile head start on them and they weren’t expecting this so it was back to the false check then past a legitimate one dropping more blobs leading back into town. I needed a drink.

Fortunately, I knew that the George Inn was listed on Google as opening at 11 and now that it was around 11:30 I needed only to head out the Newmarket Road. Soon enough, I was in the cozy confines and striding past one old dude reading a newspaper and toward another having coffee at the bar. They both gave a slack-jawed stare that you usually only ever see in the deep South back home. “Are you open?” I asked.

George Inn google page

“Not till twelve,” coffee man stated then turned away.
“Damned Google,” I said. “It has you open at 11. Are there any others within a couple of miles that might be open now?”
Newspaper man peered disdainfully over his tabloid and spat out, “No, it’s a nationwide law,” with an implied but unspoken, “you stupid sack of shite.”
Unable to leave it, I sneered back, “No, it is NOT a nationwide law,” with a quite audible and resolute, “you lying sack of shite.” Fuck this place; but, on the bright side they raised my bile enough to return to sacking the trail which I picked up again on the way out to Newmarket.

George Inn Newmarket fuck this place

Then, I lost it again and decided to climb a regular footpath up the adjacent hills at the top of which, lo and behold, I found hash trail once more. It was now 5 minutes till 12 and I neither saw nor heard the pack so I zipped down one of the choices (there were several) fouling trail as I descended to the Village Inn where I was met inside by a woman with a large dog (or vice versa). I had a beer and a bit of conversation then headed back out on trail to find another pub with a good vantage point to watch the pack straggle in.

Stroud to Nailsworth bridge graffito 2

The run back could be more relaxed, so it was. I made a stop at the Ram in South Woodchester then noted my map showed another pub in North Woodchester. After that, I made a dash into Stroud but was too late for the early train which meant time for yet another pub followed by a mile-or-so hilly loop where I spotted (but had no time to stop in) yet another fine looking establishment. There will be more Stroud runs, though.

Ram South Woodchester valley

The valley seen from the Ram


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