Village Inn, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire   1 comment

Village Inn Nailsworth sign

I entered the Village Inn soaked with sweat and carrying a 20 kilo backpack. A large blond dog with a tall blond woman attached to a lead met me as I came in. “Are you with the other runners?” the woman queried.
“Sorry, am I what-was-that-with-whom?”



Village Inn Nailsworth garden

“We have a group of runners out that are coming here after their jog. It’s a club.”
“Really?” I said as incredulously as I could. ” You mean other people do this? Funny world.”
“Yes,” she chirped. “Every Sunday we run from a different pub. They are out there hashing as we speak.”
I looked at her as if she were quite mad and, retrieving my Nailsworth Alestock, mumbled, “Hash? Sorry love, I never touch the stuff.”

Village Inn Nailsworth old sign

The pub has a great little patio although it looks like a holding pen for gladiators when you note that it is overlooked by a walkway off to the side. It is also covered with odd little paintings, some of which are like crude caricatures of pub signs or maybe locals or maybe locals on pub signs. The sweat dried quickly and rather than give the children hanging out in the spitting balconies a chance to re-wet my shirt I headed back in.

Village Inn Nailsworth yet another sign

The Harriette was still making her pitch for the hash and seemed concerned her hashers were still all out. “There are usually one or two in ahead of the rest. I thought someone would be back by now.”

I couldn’t wait around, though. I kind of expected the pack to arrive soon and knew they would be passing the Britannia so I headed over there to watch them roll in.

Village Inn Nailsworth



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