Runs and a Recovery-from-Surgery Walk 30 January through 1 February 2015   5 comments

2015-02-01 stitches after run

One good thing about all the lesions I’m having removed is that soon I will be more scar tissue than man.  When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, I’ll be almost transparent seeing as little of my flesh will appear to be living.  This one was only a small BCC on my right shoulder blade, so nothing near as dreadful as the chest one that ruptured in October (here and here for some gory pics).

2015-01-30 Brimble Hill and Alexandra Park out and back

But, having this done a few times before, I was certain I wouldn’t be up to the mid-distance run scheduled for Saturday so got up early and did the Brimble Hill/Alexandra Park out-and-back (7.4 miles, above) in the breaking dawn Friday before the cutting began.  Gorgeous out that morning and the twilight now breaks around 7 am so the return trip featured a little more confident footfalls.


graffito Collingbourne Ducis

The next morning, as expected, the back was sore and the wound still a bit weepy but I was on my own for the day as the woman toiled.  I caught the bus out to the Collingbournes (Kingston and Ducis) and did a brisk walk pub-to-pub-to-pub.  The sights were pleasant enough even with the overcast skies and chilling wind.

Collingbourne Ducis sign

This is a pretty copacetic route, too, with a little over 4 miles mostly on pavement but with a lot of bridleways and footpaths as dry weather options through the hills of southeast Wiltshire (pub locations are discretely marked on the map):

2015-01-31 walking path with pubs


The injury was still a bit sore this morning but also starting to itch the way a healing wound does so I reckoned it was worth trying to run — and a bit further, this time.  I eventually racked up 16.3 miles by guessing directions badly: with no sun out on the first 8 miles I relied on dead-reckoning with no outside info other than what I could remember about the roads I was on.  This resulted in a side trip that added almost 3 miles to my journey to Cricklade so I didn’t spend as much time or cover as much distance once arriving in town as I originally planned.

16point3 miles with unsuccessful G-Had

While covering some territory in Cricklade, the sun came out for about a half hour and it was spectacular.  This shot of St Samson C of E is like a postcard even though it is surrounded by some ghastly council flats incorporating the worst sort of Stalinistic architecture you could hope to find.

2014-02-01 St Sampson C-of-E Cricklade sm


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  4. Just found your site…impressive, I am just finding my way around the British pubs..beginning to see what its all about.


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