Barleycorn Inn, Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Barleycorn Inn Collingbourne Kingston sign

A bit sore after the BCC excision the day before but on my own since Jackie was working, I spent a bit of Saturday hiking around the vales south of Marlborough.  My first stop found me taking refreshment at the Barleycorn in Collingbourne Kingston, a pretty village NOT in the Middle of Nowhere although you can see it from here.

It wasn’t busy but it was still early on a Saturday so the couple dining at the centre window and the table having rounds were probably what is considered a lunch rush.  They might also have been the typical age for the place; I didn’t eavesdrop but imagine that the conversation was probably about their days of glory in the Crimea or “whatever happened to young Ben Disraeli?”  The bartender seemed happy to have someone so young as me in for a beer, anyway.

Barleycorn Inn Colingbourne Kingston CCC sign

Barleycorn Inn Collingbourne Kingston Whimple CC ball trophy

Speaking of days of glory, there is a trophy case of sorts dedicated to the local cricket squad, and there is a games room off the main bar with a tiny snooker table and darts (but you would have to choose one or the other or risk starting a fight in the tight confines).

Oh, right…the loos are marked “Ladies” and “Lords,” and I think I might have been judgemental about the house as a result.

Barleycorn Inn Collingbourne Kingston


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