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Shears Collingbourne Ducis sign

I prejudged the Shears as a place I would hate because it is a gastropub with the conceit that it is hard to get to even once one has travelled to the remote village of Collingbourne Ducis.  As so often is the case, I was wrong and the house seems very much like a real pub despite the spectacular menu board.

Shears Collingbourne Ducis bar

Built in what appears to be an 18th century barn, it is lain with modern flagstone flooring and furnished in something of a variety of styles representative of the long period between.  The staff is attentive and professional and the Addlestones cider I had was perfect.

The crowd was fine, too (they do a brisk trade, here).  There were a couple of tables dining in the bar area where a stove warmed the room, some more in the large dining area adjacent and before I was halfway through my beverage two more tables arrived.  Another hiker came in and studied his map over a Brakspear and some old geezers plopped down at the bar before I could finish up.  I see this as a lunch stop in my near future.

Shears Collingbourne Ducis



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