Tipple Inn, Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Tipple Inn Collingbourne Ducis


My hike eventually found its way to the Tipple Inn with 45 minutes to kill before the bus home.  It is a lively bar and while football was on the telly the speakers were set to music and tuned low enough for conversation.  Kids shot pool, families arrived for lunch and found their ways to dining nooks, the landlord and landlady spent time with regulars and everything was how you would have written it…very unusual to find such a copacetic and pubby pub.

Tipple Inn Collingbourne Ducis bar

It wasn’t all perfect but it all seemed to work.  For instance, the artwork hung around the lounge was a bit strange (and, what sort of savage wears a hat indoors?)

Tipple Inn Collingbourne Ducis hat

My meds had me spending a bit of time in the loos, today, but there was yet more fine art on display…a great reminder of how great Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and Animals are:


Tipple Inn Collingbourne Ducis Floyd girls

I was also somewhat mesmerised by what seemed at the time to be outstanding industrial design but what, in retrospect, was just a pisser:

Tipple Inn Collingbourne Ducis urinal





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