Golden Ball, Littlemore, Oxfordshire   2 comments

Golden Ball Littlemore sign

The Golden Ball was listed on the Oxford HHH web site for tonight’s trail and I had never been there before. It seemed worth a look in, at the least, and I could always take in a bit of the trail if I crossed some of the prelay that inevitably would be there.


Golden Ball Littlemore beer

And, yet, there was no powder on the way to the pub (just the occasional blob of bird shit or leftover snow). I went in and found a right dive (that’s a GOOD thing, people), and dove right into the house ale (which, I’m pretty sure is just Greene King IPA with the pub’s label on it). About the time the pleasant landlady served me, my run caught up to me and I started sweating profusely; I found a seat and proceeded to watch some crap cooking programme while deciding where to go next.


Golden Ball Littlemore bar

The run itself was fairly pleasant, a surprise as lunchtime crowds through the Plain (at the Oxford end of the run) can be worse than cattle (cattle don’t intentionally get in your way). But, somehow I missed them all this time. Cowley crowds can be equally frustrating but there the problem tends to be the weaponised dogs; I also slipped past these unaccosted despite stopping for a fish and chips snack along the way back from the pub. The worst bit was one of the schools letting out around South Park and having to dodge hordes of little monsters just as the hill crested.


2015-02-04 golden balls loop

It was quiet in the bar, which was a real disappointment…I bet this place can be a hoot when packed. Definitely atmospheric.

Golden Ball Littlemore



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