“In The Woodpile” Espresso Liqueur   1 comment

In The Woodpile Label small

Advertising Tagline:

“All the best Caucasians have at least one In The Woodpile™ 

Yes, that’s Ari Up on the label.  Started this on 17 January using the same basic recipe as the batch of Tio Mario a couple of years ago…

The infusion:

1.25 liters of Vodka (the cheaper the better)
14 rounded spoons espresso (1 per 90 mL booze)
18 heaping spoons sugar (1 per 70mL booze)

Shake daily for as little as 2 weeks or up to 6 months (this was a rapid batch). As an afterthought, I added a couple of vanilla bean pods, but they are generally superfluous especially for short infusions.  This results in every two shots (~100 mL) at 80 proof having the coffee content of a 6 oz cup of espresso with ~ 1.5 spoons of sugar–wheeeeee!

Caucasian (White Russian) Recipe:

2 shots Half and Half™ (alternatively mix 1 each of whole milk and cream)
2 ice cubes
2 shots of In The Woodpile™ espresso liqueur (alternatively mix 1 each of vodka and Kahlua)

Pour the liqueur over the ice. Float the Half&Half™ above (or stir it up if you’ve been drinkin’). Quaff. Repeat…far too many times.

In The Woodpile Caucasian


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