Running Week in Review 08 Feb 2015   2 comments

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2015-02-08 pre run nutrition

Pre-run nutrition is essential


This was meant to be a fall-back week, anyway, but with 3 runs under 4 miles apiece and just today’s longer stretch and Wednesday’s Golden Ball Run to push me over 30 I feel like kind of a slug this week.  Next week is bound to be a doozy.

There was snow, sleet and rain to contend with and the lab — held together by my meagre skills, some spit and baling wire, and a cast of thousands — required the attention of a spoiled toddler so it was going to be difficult to make the time for my planned workouts even if I felt more motivated.  Then, yesterday I bagged the planned 7 miles in favour of 3.2 because I wanted to finish some immigration paperwork…for every reason I come up with to get out in the fresh (nay, crisp) air I can find a hundred to be lazy (nay, alternatively productive).

So, today I loaded a shitload of Bach on the iPhone/GPS tracker/multimedia thingy, swallowed some Kentucky Courage (above), and headed out into the sunny-but-sub-freezing morning.  The Bach was a splendid choice and I found myself following random bike paths out to Lydiard Park then across northwest Swindon, down towards Muggers’ Alley and through the Railway Village and back toward the canal path.  Just before reaching the canal I spotted an aptly named cul-de-sac:

Shite Court Swindon


12 ¼ miles on the day, the sightseeing included frozen ponds, suburban sprawl, parklands, industrial decay and the low hanging winter sun.  I don’t know why it’s so hard to force myself out here.

2015-02-08 the route




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