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Another week, another batch of runs, and with no virgin pubs on any of the routes there wasn’t much imagination with regard to the drink…and, speaking of drinking and running [for office] Drunken Bunny Liqueurs has made an unsolicited endorsement of Al Murray’s candidacy for Parliament in Thanet South:

FUKP advert

           Plan          Actual
Mon    x-train           hair of the dog
Tue      4                   4.2 (Jack Straw lane loop, Oxford)
Wed     8                   7.2 (river/Wolvercote/Marston loop)
Thu      4                   5.8  (river/Woodstock Road loop)
Fri       rest              stitches out, stretching and weights
Sat       8                   8.3 (rail trail, muddy pastures, and West Wichel loop)
Sun     17                  16.99 (missed it by that much…Old Town to Faringdon with a G-Had detour)

for a planned total of 41 miles and actual net of 42.5 (plus another 25-30 walking around…I really need to get a new bicycle).  The Current Events artefact of the week’s jogs — considering the infestation of Swindon by Mutant Super Rats — had to be this graffito (spotted Saturday):

2015-02-14 graffito

Wednesday revealed the touristy find of the week, this Penfold postbox (standard between 1866 and 1879 … many of the remaining ones have been listed as Grade II buildings).  This unusual design is the first that really caught my eye since I ticked the last of the monarchs off the list.  Apparently, these are quite rare.:

Hexagonal Victoria Pillar

On Sunday, the long run entailed a visit to Watchfield, a village I would normally approach from the west, south, or east via a bus stop; but, I decided to loop north to get to it today.  Largely, this was because I expected to find (and of course did find) prelaid trail which is always an abomination but especially so during the week long remembrance of the Prophet G’s martyrdom; also, there hadn’t been a successful G-Hadist flour bombing in the month of February and the month was more than half over … as they say, ‘needs must.’

After correcting trail for the hashers the run continued to The Swan in Faringdon with the intention of a flight of beers — drinking and running the way the gods meant it to be — but I arrived at 11:25 to find the place shuttered till 12 and the next hourly bus to Swindon bearing down so I raced it back to the town centre and settled for a Belhaven Stout in the always copacetic Beehive…then, having made friends with Grant, a regular there and self-professed Ted, wound up having another and discussing early American rock and roll (best pub conversation in weeks).

Next week, I promise some new pubs with an out-of-town day trip and roughly 44 total miles planned…and maybe a bit more G-Hadding.

Belhaven Stout after at the Beehive


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