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Although I adhere to Hashlam (and still cling strongly to the beliefs of the Original Kleptonian Neo-American Church in which Jackie and I were married) I plan to do a couple of the rituals of the discredited religions this year. I’m not fasting for Lent (although I will give up hard liquor between dawn and dusk for the duration of Ramadan this year). Instead, while waiting with the Xtian faithful for their zombie prince to rise from the grave I am opting to give up something more dear and yet more metaphysical: the concept of low hanging fruit.

That’s right, all the things that are the lazy man’s way to congratulate himself are banished for 40 days and nights. For example, tonight we dine on homemade pasta (eggs transported from a farm I crossed on Sunday’s run, semolina from a special trip to an Italian deli) with meatballs formed from freshly minced (in-house) venison, spices harvested on Sunday’s run (liberated from the chicken farmer’s garden), and breadcrumbs from some French loaves I made tonight. Normally, pasta night involves opening some cans of tomatoes and pouring onto scorched garlic, adding some dried spices, then pouring this stew over some store-bought spaghetti — not abominable, but too easy for this observance — so I have found some hot house tomatoes grown reasonably locally but that still took some effort to acquire.



The implications for day-to-day lifestyle changes are subtle but potentially world-shifting. Put off difficult and long jobs till the start of a workday in favour of a few easy things that can be finished today? No; start now and no breaks till completion. Wait for the rain to stop or the wind to die down before going for a scheduled run? Get the fuck out there, you slug! Hit a shit pub just because it opens earlier or is a shorter walk than a ‘good’ one? We have standards this Lenten season, ESPECIALLY as pertains to The Drink.

The lowest (or, basest) of the low hanging fruit is the G-Had: my observant practise of Hashlam and its requirement to regularly foul pre-laid trails. Looking over the 56 previous attacks in the current IntifadHHHa, it seems that most have been exacted against kennels local to either home or work. So, more than any other manifestation of this current ritual the FatwaHHHs of this Forty Day period will not occur against any trail I can run to from work or house…currently about a 20 mile radius. Road trip!

G-Had Lenten NoGo Areas

Lenten G-Had Cease-Powder Zones




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    Notes on the Lenten Reprieve Area contained in this post, but the G-Had resumes unabated after the Easter Drunken Bunny comes to town:


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