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Antelope Tooting London

The Antelope is a cavernous bar with an even bigger dining area and it seems a bit yuppie for the buurt, but it was the site of the Tutu run start and therefore the reason I found myself in the neighbourhood so I gave it a go.

There were two ciders on and I opted for the house which was strong and very dry yet sweet enough to bring out the malic acid and other apple-y flavours that a really dry cider might mask.  Still warm from the run so far despite a five minute al fresco dining walk, I retired to the beer garden where I found the chalk marks of the hash that had just left.

Deciding to continue to Streatham to see a bit of the Tooting Bec Common, I finished beverage and donned backpack then headed through the bar only to run into a late arrival for the hash trail who, it was obvious, thought I was part of his party but couldn’t be sure since I was also dressed like a normal runner and had obviously already been exercising for quite awhile…hiding in plain sight.

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The Tutu run started here



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