JJ Moons, Tooting Broadway, London   4 comments

JJ Moon's Tooting Broadway London

My pit stop at JJ Moon’s came a little over 7 miles into the day’s run in unfamiliar territory.  The pub, however, seemed like going home…the kind of bar atmosphere I remember growing up where groups of tough looking fellows muttered amongst themselves or, some of them sitting alone, to themselves.  And, yet, perfectly friendly as I met a couple of folks at the bar while I awaited someone to pull me a pint of porter.

JJ Moon's Tooting Broadway London porter pump

I found a table by a window and sat to study my maps and decide how best to tackle the rest of the run ahead and especially the more immediate task of improving the London HHH’s running trail that had already been set long before. A dapper fellow in a crisp suit asked if he could share the table and as I said, “of course,” an unsynchopated chorus of greetings to the chap came from all directions.  From the tone (and experience with this sort of crowd), I would guess that he had been a politician or crime boss or maybe both and during our visit several guys came by to pay their respects as he tried to finish a crossword puzzle and figure out what the scruffy American was doing in his local at his table.

Directly across from Tooting Broadway tube stop, it’s worth a stop for the morning show, at least.

JJ Moon's Tooting Broadway London out window



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