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George and Dragon Rowde

With a focus on fine dining and the hotel aspects of the house, it was surprising to find the small bar at the George and Dragon so accommodating.  The woman who served was grand and, shortly, the rest of the staff wandered through and chatted amiably about a variety of things.  I rather liked the bar (they had working antique crystal seltzer bottles!) and the menu, heavy on fresh seafood, was a wet dream — a pricy wet dream but an orgasm is an orgasm).

Best bit of the conversation came when they started discussing the guest book and how some of the names are humourous.  At work, I keep a list on my office white board of the ones I stumble across so I brought up a few.  For the American readers out there, ‘Randy’ is not a proper noun as much as an adjective so the Electrical Engineer from the States I regularly deal with, Randy Petter, induces uncontrollable giggling amongst colleagues.  Some are just downright rude like the guest speaker we had named Matt Fuchter (Who?  Your momma? Shit, EVERYBODY Fuchter).  Others sound like kid show characters (we had a postdoc named Orlando Pando) or descriptions of sunbathers that fell asleep wearing a lobster bib (another postdoc named Peng Wen Tan).

The beer was good, too, but I had a run to finish.

George and Dragon Rowde Scrum Up pump



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