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Owl Bromham

Sometime between my last run through Bromham and now, the pub section of the community club went private and turned into a pub called the Owl.  I found it after a fairly decent trot in the warmer than expected for February weather and strode in for a pint.

Owl Bromham skittles alleys

With a two-lane skittles alley and pub carpet to die for (not as good as in our dining room, but nice), you can excuse the fairly utilitarian architecture.

Owl Bromham carpet

One thing you don’t need to overlook is the friendly staff…attentive to a fault and unflappable in the face of a sweaty weirdo that wandered in at 12:00:01 for drinks and chatter.  I caught up on the changeover to pub: the function hall side is still part of the club but new licensing was going to make the bar side too restrictive for the skittles league and other social events (every visitor to the club-version would have to be accompanied by a member).

We also spoke about the various pubs in the realm and barman informed that the Cromwell, a mile or so away, closed this year (R.I.P.).  Seems the OC had an endless stream of landlords after my visit, none of whom could make a go of the house.

Owl Bromham alt sign



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