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Bunnies Lane Rowde sm

The planned run distances are just falling into place.  I know a few set routes, so adding side loops and detours seems to fill the remaining distances adequately…for instance, the Tuesday-Thursday 5 milers all came in close to 5 with only one falling short.

2015-03-01 running week chart

The mileage inversion on Saturday and Sunday occurred when I targeted a pub in Heddington with web-posted opening hours of 11 on Saturday but upon arrival at 11:05 I found that the door-posted opening time was noon.  Fuckers.  With 55 minutes to kill before any other virgin (to this blog) pub would open, I extended the path from a planned 8 then once it reached 13 miles I did the swap, with a fairly standard out-and-back from the house on Sunday.

2015-02-28 run Bishops Cannings loop to Devizes

The Saturday jog held some surprises.  Just outside of Heddington I spotted a glint of gold over a wall and ran around to the far side to find the International Meditation Centre:

Meditation Centre Heddington

A plant that provides some winter colour in the British garden is called a dogwood, here, and not at all like the Easter-blooming tree in the Deep South.  A variety of electric colours are available, but this fine, red example was out front of the Owl pub (which I arrived at a couple of minutes before noon):

Owl Bromham shrub

The run continued on after a pint of lager and a chat and the serendipity continued as I found — and travelled — Bunnies Lane in Rowde on my way to the George and Dragon.  Finally, I reached a lunch stop/chippy in Devizes and checked distance…13.12, and I will attribute this to the Zen-like atmosphere of the day’s trot for no better reason than I didn’t have any other theme to apply this week.

Big miles return next week.


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