Running Week In Review 8 March 2015   3 comments

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2015-03-08 running week chart


I generally don’t like to run with others because the fast person always has to consider the pace of the slow one and also because I am easily distracted and often use the jog as a form of tourism (not sticking to planned routes).  Sunday was an exception but my running partner and I split as she moved on to exact G-Had on the North Wilts voting hash and I continued on to Pets At Home to get the cat a new scratching post.  It was the only day I didn’t exceed my target mileage but I am loathe to blame the social run (although I don’t expect it to happen again):

Sunday’s route

Earlier in the week I had circled, buzzard-like, the putative location of the Oxford HHH trail for the week but didn’t see any markings until the run into work the day after it occurred.

Tuesday, wistfully scouting a trail not to trash

Tuesday, wistfully scouting a trail not to trash

On the day of the Oxford hash, I did some mile repeats in the University Parks…the weather has been spectacular (warmer this winter than any of the last several months of May):

2015-03-04 mile repeats in University Parks

Saturday, I got the planned 8 mile run in early then went with Jackie to hit thrift stores returning with a bunch of vinyl and CD’s.  Record night ensued (here were some of the selections):

Formby cd Little Richard Roy Orbison album Shadows box set



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