Running Week in Review 15 March 2015   6 comments

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Office wall 2015-03-14

Thursday, the beer sign, above, alluding to my hash name arrived from fellow Tucson hasher and incontinent I Love Fat Chicks (thanks, Fatty!).  Right now, it is propped up on some Aboriginal bark paintings in our home office but will soon find a place of honour somewhere on the walls, perhaps along with the age group award for winning the Southern Arizona Roadrunners 2008 Grand Prix whilst signed up under the name Winslow J. Ride (running as Slow Ride, typical result here).  Anyway, this week’s runs were odd, as well, just not nearly so much so.

intermediate 2015 group photoshopThe week started with my research group’s annual away day, a workshop to brainstorm new ideas that hasn’t been annual for awhile (only the boss, me, and my co-lab-manager ever attended one before since the last was in 2009).  There hasn’t yet been time to fully Photoshop this one partly because I find it funny in its natural state…1 looks like he’s leaned in to grab 2’s ass (who doesn’t seem happy with the groping), 3 appears to be some sort of vampire, 4 appears to be perched on 5’s massive hard on, and 6 just seems to be wishing for the sweet embrace of Death or, judging from 7’s countenance, is getting felt up even more vigorously than 2.

I was itching to run that day but the tedium of the group sessions and heavy food at lunch (Exeter College dining hall gave us moussaka followed by a rich chocolate tart with Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream) broke my will.  Behind on some emergency repairs Tuesday, I couldn’t get away for my planned 7 miles during daylight and settled for an abbreviated trot in the dark from the Swindon Cop Shop to the house.

2015-03-15 week run chart

Wednesday brought the Teddy Hall Relays which my legs and lungs were perfectly prepared for but which left the rest of my body feeling as though beaten with a pillowcase full of spanners.  The next day found me short-hopping across Oxford to catch the bus in Botley.  The midweek total was nearly spot-on but skewed heavily toward the race.

After Friday drinking yoga, Saturday held promise of a 7 mile run which I completely misjudged (winding up with only 5.8) on my way to redeem a £10 gift card at the ASBO in the Link Centre.   The gift card was a spot prize from Swindon Travel Choices during an ‘alternative travel’ promotion last year in which I logged all my to- and from-work runs.  Inside the ASBO I couldn’t breathe and found the booze aisle as quickly as possible and grabbed the first quality bourbon I could find (a lovely bottle of Buffalo Trace, smooth and rich and too good for the likes of me worth every pence despite my 10 quid discount).

Buffalo Trace bourbon

I was particularly lucky Sunday as the rain held off until I finished my final leg of the 23.6 mile/6 pub tour of the countryside north of the K&A Canal and west of Devizes. The pubs were (write-ups to follow, soon):

The Grapes, Melksham
The Bell On The Common, Broughton Gifford
The Fox, Broughton Gifford
The Old Ham Tree, Holt
The Old Bear Inn, Staverton
The King’s Arms, Hilperton

2015-03-15 23.6 miles


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