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Grapes Melksham sign
Running from Devizes at 11 am to Melksham, some 7.5 miles away via the canal path that passes the Caen Hill Locks, I expected to hit town at noon just as the pub doors opened but as I approached the town centre realised I needed to slow down a bit and add a little tourism to the jog. By the time the clocks struck 12, I was at the churchyard only a minute or two away from the Grapes.

It wasn’t shortlisted and, in fact, I didn’t even know it was there but, rather, it was the first pub I spotted and even then I might not have chosen it save for the Velvet Underground & Nico tribute on the pub sign. Inside, the house was already packed with regulars who must’ve been queued into the street to have gotten in and served so quickly.

The last of the real ale barrels blew mid-pull for my first-choice beer so I opted for a lager then sat away from the tele tuned to professional wrestlers kicking one another. It was a lively bar and the folks seated near me seemed to get visits from everyone else that entered the house although I suspect this was as much to get a close look at the stranger in their midst.

Grapes Melksham



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