King’s Arms, Hilperton, Wiltshire   1 comment

King's Arms Hilperton sign

The front door to the King’s Arms was ajar (the latch completely torn out) and it was tenuously held together with scrap wood.  Not sure it was even open for business, I entered to be greeted by a sawed off, mouthy little drunk asking loudly why I’m taking pictures; his buddies all looked ready to give a kicking to someone offering the wrong answer.

“Tourist,” I said, shrugging and putting the mobile back in my pocket.  “This place is in ALL the guidebooks,” I continued as I slid the backpack off and headed toward the bar adding, “pardon me…I’ve booked a table ahead.”  His buddies all grinned and turned back to the bar mumbling to one another but he was still standing where I passed him, stunned, as I hauled my Foster’s off to a booth near the billiards.  The place was full of raging drunks, there was a bit of danger in the air, many children were running wild or shooting pool or throwing darts, it wasn’t yet 3 pm and I couldn’t help thinking, “I’m home.”

King's Arms Hilperton patrons

I made some mental notes because I didn’t feel like this was the sort of place a bound, archival sketch pad and notebook would be appreciated. I remember Jethro Tull on the jukebox particularly because ‘Thick As A Brick ‘ seemed so appropriate.  I also noticed that every dude that had hair cropped close enough to see it had at least one huge fucking head scar.

This bar rules.  I’ve got it listed as Hilperton, but it might be better described as sitting on the edge of Staverton.  Regardless, it is just off the Kennet and Avon Canal and much more interesting (and better staffed) than the Old Bear ½ a mile away.

King's Arms Hilperton



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