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2015-03-22 running chart

Just realised I fucked up the colours on the text…sorry. DOBorodin, 28 June 2015

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Really uneventful week.  Instead of the Wednesday mile repeats planned, I opted for the hill climbing commuter run to Besselsleigh on both Tuesday and Wednesday (the flat, 2 mile stretch at the end varied) and reversed it and deleted a loop through Binsey for a slack dash into work Thursday.  Friday was a rest day so I just watched the folks watching the eclipse as I waddled into work: 2015-03-20 eclipse viewers CRL Oxford Saturday was just a standard Brimble Hill and Alexandra Park out-and-back early in the morning to get it out of the way since Jackie had the day free.  Still recovering from the Lurgy, we watched really shite movies (From Dusk Till Dawn — which seemed to be a satire of a Tarentino flick — and Magic Mike which was simply Flashdance with mimbos).  Unable to stop, we finally found a gem in Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (I shit you not…very pleasant film and I was as surprised as you will be when you watch).  We usually don’t go so low brow, mind.

Or, perhaps

Or, perhaps “Nos. 2, 4, & 6” would be simpler (sign in Alexandra Park I pass at least 3 times per month and which I find endlessly distracting)

Sunday’s long run totaled 26.9 miles of mostly tarmac on mostly single-track roads — at least for the segment from Purton to Malmesbury (where the first person killed by a tiger in the British Isles is buried).  Hitting the 16 mile mark in Malmesbury was timed to coincide with the 12 noon opening hours and refreshment was found at the King’s Arms, the first new-to-the-blog pub on the route and the first of four on the day (the others falling out as the Rose and Crown in Lea, the Somerford Arms in Little Somerford and the Volunteer in Great Somerford). The pub links will be added when I get around to their write-ups. 2015-03-22 Malmesbury run


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