Running Week in Review 29 March 2015   2 comments

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2015-03-29 running chart

I’ve been sick all week and every run I did was short of my target distance.  I even blew off Thursday and didn’t make it up on Friday…Jackie suffered through the same lurgy the week before, so at least I’m sure I’m at the end of the cycle.

White Hart Burbage 5 hours too early

Last web presence had them open at 11 but the window sign has them open after 5, now.


I switched the long run day from Sunday to Saturday to free up Sunday this week and will do the same next week so the chart seems a bit perturbed.  The extra mileage I had in pocket from last week was depleted quickly and I’ll just have to try to make it up next week.

The long run itself involved a bus ride to Burbage where a pre-trot pint was planned at the White Hart before the trek to Wilton for another, but the Hart ceased afternoon trading some years ago and now opens at 5 daily (6 on Sundays);  that’ll be a difficult one to tick off the list.  The Swan in Wilton was only 3½ miles away although fairly unsatisfying.  Then, the next 20 miles were just toil but at least the rain slowed and the constant flow of phlegm had colouring similar to something earthly.

Overall, the week was shit.  Illness usually won’t stop the run even in poor weather but this week’s long run should not have resulted in such pain…my upper body feels like I’ve been beaten with a bag of spanners, my feet are bruised, and the left IT-band is taught and aching.  Next week is the last of the heavy weeks before a back-off stretch then the runs are all measured in hours, not miles.

K&A Canal, Savernake Forest, Marlborough-to-Swindon rail trail

K&A Canal, Savernake Forest, Marlborough-to-Swindon rail trail (23.4 miles, one beer stop)


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