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Swan Wilton sign

The Swan is the only game in town in the little village of Wilton near Burbage.  They do have a spectacular menu of seafood, game and more traditional pub fare plus an interesting wine rack and should draw many strangers from far and wide; on this visit, however, the customers all knew the proprietor by first name and he seemed much more comfortable with it that way.

Our only conversation was when he asked if I’d had the Camden Town lager before and then he seemed (to me) relieved that I had not.  It tasted like any bog-standard, Eastern bloc swill and wasn’t at all worth the £4.30 I dropped on it (should have gotten 2 pints for that).  Later, my paranoia made me wonder if the only thing Camden Town about it was the tap decoration.

Swan Wilton Camden Hells Lager spigot

The middle-class clientele here are probably not put off by the prices especially as it will tend to keep riff-raff like yours truly out.  What else might keep the scum at bay (besides the utter remoteness of the pub) is the quality of the wine.  I noted that the selection looked fantastic, but I heard the staff chuckling with a customer about another waitress that was plunging the red wine into the white wine’s ice bucket.  Two different customers brought back glasses that tasted “off.”

So, I’m not going to rush out for another visit, but if I was on a long hike I’d be willing to load up on the menu.  I’d just be wary of the cost of the drink (in pounds, quality, and risk).

Swan Wilton



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