Queen’s Arms, Salisbury, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Queen's Arms Salisbury

The Tower Tour at the Salisbury Cathedral was surprisingly strenuous or it, at least, used some muscles we hadn’t been using for awhile.  Our dinner location didn’t open for another hour so we sought out some analgesic…an internally taken balm. We found it at the Queens Arms.

A hostelry as well as a pub, this is a nice little local with a good selection of ale and great prices.  Holding the oldest continuous license to sell intoxicating beverages led me to expect something a bit more ancient looking; true, the exposed beams, pillars and low ceilings were there but the semi-modern paneling and comfy-to-worn living room furniture said all the right things that a dive bar says: we ain’t here for the tourists, we’re here for the regulars…do become one.

Along with the five ale pumps, there were a selection of other tapped beverages (Jackie was doing ciders this afternoon).  The beer was kept perfectly and the prices were good.  This is much more like I had HOPED we would find in the Wig and Quill the day before.

Queen's Arms Salisbury sign

Map here.



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