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Rai d'Or Salisbury sign

We came to Salisbury with three things planned and nothing else.  First, we were going to hike the Harnham meadows and the River Nadder (done).  Next was the Salisbury Cathedral tower tour and the Magna Carta (check).  Finally, we were eating at the Rai D’Or, a pub also known for the best Thai food in the city.  Okay, we like Thai food but there was more to attract us.  The pub caught my eye in the Good Beer Guide when I was planning the overnight trip and when I researched it closer found a spectacular history.

Originally, the Rai d’Or was a whorehouse serving the needs of the 13th century Cathedral’s builders (and monks…a tunnel from the bar to the monastic quarters was discovered during some repairs a few years ago).  The, um, landlady in 1370 left her fortune to found Trinity Hospital as well as retirement housing for the working girls.  It has been primarily a pub for hundreds of years, though.

We sat near the Inglenook fireplace and ordered up fishcakes, spring rolls, a couple of mains and bottle of wine and the stuff came out sizzling hot and fresh and deep in flavour and, yet, not very salty.  Not as salty as the language of the regulars who streamed in steadily and none of whom seemed ever to have met someone worth considering a stranger.

There’s 10% off for dining before 6:30, too.  Oh, closed Sundays and only open after 5 the rest of the week, but well worth the effort to get there.

Rai d'Or Salisbury

Map here.


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