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Wig and Quill Salisbury sign

Jackie has a thing about pubs with ‘wig’ in the name (example, the Periwig some 6 or so years ago) so while killing time till we could check in to our room I wasn’t surprised that she grabbed my arm and excitedly exclaimed, “we HAVE to go in there.”  I saw the sign for the Wig and Quill by following her glazed gaze and thought that it would have been rude not to.  I don’t know where this obsession started, but I think it has something to do with the B-52s.

It’s an old house but most of the character of the architecture has been beaten out of it with modern touches paid for with prices 30 to 50% higher than at similar Wadsworth pubs.  At the middle of lunchtime on Easter Sunday there was one couple in for food and one other couple finishing their beverages as we came in.  A well-dressed, middle-aged gentleman that looked like he might have broken fingers for a loan shark in the past had a couple of quick ones whilst amiably (but still menacingly) chatting with the proprietor who also looked like he might know a thing or two about ‘not knowing anything, copper.’

Wig and Quill Salisbury

Map here.


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