Catherine Wheel, Bibury, Gloucestershire   2 comments

Catherine Wheel Bibury

The weather was stunning.  A bit cool, to be fair, but sunny and clear with the haze of the last week scrubbed by the overnight rain (this perfect combination of industrial pollution from the east and an intercontinental dust storm arising from the Sahara hit us once in Holland and can make the air toxic).  My run from Cricklade was still slow but the farm tracks and east Gloucestershire hills were a joy.

At just over ten miles, I found myself at the edge of Bibury (a village described by no less an authority than William Morris as ‘the most beautiful village in England’) where a pint awaited my attentions at the Catherine Wheel.  Everything in the village is gorgeous so the pub doesn’t really stand out and when you enter it doesn’t really seem like much of a pub, at all, but rather more of a restaurant: there’s a small bar and large dining areas but the drinkers’ enclave is roughly 4 square meters in front of the bar.

The beer, however, is well-kept and (as it is all Hook Norton) delicious.  I had a First Light which is vaguely citrus-y and sharply tightens the receptors at the back sides of your tongue.  With no one to talk to (the bartender vanished into the shadows as soon as my change was made), I was left with a copy of the Daily Mail (fer fuck’s sake) to occupy my time…finding a story that shouldn’t have been news to anyone 40 years ago:

shocking Barry Manilow news

Map here.

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