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2015-04-11 jesus at the ballfield

Yes, Easter marked the start of baseball season (and cricket…the Indian Premier League just opened) so on lazy days like today I can be forgiven (heh!) for blowing off the planned two-hour jog in favour of beer and a sports channel.  I still got in 50 minutes but nowhere on the 5½ miles was my heart in it.  I finished the week with 47.5 miles despite hitting 6 days of 7.

2015-04-12 run week chart

But, the training schedule — if that’s what it can be considered — has entered a more copacetic phase.  Most of the substantial distances aren’t prescribed as such but, rather, are listed as durations (2 hours to 6 hours as the summer goes on).  I would still expect to exceed 40 or 50 miles per week but without the specific distances hectoring every run there should be a psychological edge…an incentive to stick with it.

The previous few months, though, have given me a base to work with.  Yesterday’s 3 hour run was a dawdle and I could have easily closed the circle except for commuting considerations (I reached my bus stop at 2:34 but probably made up the other 26 minutes in the Catherine Wheel, the Village Pub, or wandering around Cirencester eating some cod and looking for a working public loo).

2015-04-11 cricklade bibury barnsley cirencester

This week I see a few after-work runs to bypass the construction delays on the A420 and with several 45 – 60 minute days these will have to incorporate a bit of neighbourhood exploration.  Stay tuned.


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