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Village 'Pub' Barnsley

The day’s run was meant to pick up the Catherine Wheel (which operates on an early license) then head into Cirencester to catch the bus home but I got a late enough start that I passed through Barnsley just past noon when the misleadingly named ‘Village Pub‘ opened its doors.  Another restaurant operating with the conceit that it is a pub, it has even less room for non-diners to congregate than the Catherine Wheel did.  I suspect the two are related, as well, since they both have a line of Hook Norton beers on the pumps.

Village 'Pub' Barnsley today's beer

To be fair, the waitstaff (and make no mistake, that is what they are with all the fascistic officiousness and cloying attention of city waitrons) presented the most valiant imitation of personal service I have seen in awhile.  The one that greeted me at the door quickly wiped the look of disgust from his face as I pushed past to the bar.  Another hurried my way with, “oh, hello, sir…been out for a walk?”  I should point out that I was kitted out in sweatpants, running shoes, a hydration back pack, and a race t-shirt all of which were drenched from my head to mid-thighs with sweat; “yeah, of course, a walk, whatever.”

“Where did you walk from?” the bartender joined in.  “A pint of First Light, please, before we settle into this.  Cricklade, then Bibury, then here.  You know, on my walk.”  “Oooooo, that’s far.  You’ve earned this then, haven’t you?”  “No, I earned the one at the Catherine Wheel.  This is just greedy.”

A look around confirmed that everyone in the place was a yuppie transplanted from the late 80s or, barring that, folks that came in for a pub lunch and had the looks on their faces that said, “oh, now I have to act like this is the kind of poncy food I always eat.”  A couple I spotted drinking at the other short stretch of bar around the corner looked like the sort that would try to pick up another couple, so the place can’t be all bad.

I finished and reloaded my pack.  “Enjoy the rest of your walk!” the waitron that held the door for me ordered.

Village 'Pub' Barnsley al fresco

Map here.



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  1. Perhaps, but it is only as much a pub as my little jog was a ‘walk’:
    comment from another blog


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