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Lamb Urchfont sign

We saw a programme about community pubs just after we moved to England and one of the featured places was the Lamb in Urchfont, a 15th century thatched house a few miles south of Devizes. When I was planning the day’s run I remembered this story when I spotted the pub on Googlemaps street view and made it a point to loop past it on the jog.


Lamb Urchfont beer tap


The gist of the programme segment was that the village found itself with no shop and the Post Office closing down. A group of volunteers banded together and rented a spare building from the pub and started running their own shop and post office as well as taking deliveries from a distant pharmacy so locals could more easily receive their prescriptions. They celebrated ten years in business in February.


Lamb Urchfont community store and post office


The temperature had been dropping most of the day but I was sweating up a storm when I finally arrived a little over 19 miles into the day’s journey. I got a pilsener which looked — and was — refreshing and took it out to the smokers’ deck to cool off a bit in the breeze. There were notices for special events almost every day of the week posted around and it really seemed like this was what a pub should be…the social hub of the village.


Lamb Urchfont tiki


Soon, a chill took hold and my cramping muscles cried out for warmth (although the cool air was probably better for them); I headed back in and was greeted by the tables of folk I had seen on my first entrance and welcomed back by the barmaid. Awesome.

The house itself shows the signs of its age with uneven timbers and thick, curved walls. Old houses like this seem more like living beings and have more of an organic than architectural feel to them. I hated to leave, but I wasn’t sure of my path back to the bus so it was going to be anywhere from 4-6 miles or more. I drank up and left with plans to return for a lunch sometime.


Lamb Urchfont

Map here.


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