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2015-04-19 weekly run chart

Looking back over the spreadsheet I realize that I’ve run every day in April save Easter Monday in Salisbury (when we still walked 6 or 7 miles and did a tour to the mid-point of the Cathedral tower).  This wasn’t an intentional streak and I am enforcing a self-imposed rest day or two this week.  In the meantime, here’s the week-just-past round-up.

2015-04-17 Helena's moving day

The bus from Oxford usually takes 1:15 – 1:20 from bus station to Swindon but construction on the A420 just after Botley Road has slowed traffic to such a crawl that it takes an hour and a half just to get out of Oxford. As a result, I find it sensible to bypass this slow segment and run on ahead to the bus stop after traffic loosens up or even a few miles beyond; the effect is like crap time travel, vis: if I leave work at 5 I could catch the 5:10 at the station or the 3:45 as it eventually rolls into Besselsleigh. On Friday, my office mate needed a hand loading some home furnishings for moving day and I left for Besselsleigh from there then took advantage of the A420 west closure to jog directly up the highway (a creepy experience since this road is usually bumper-to-bumper that time of day).  Oh, on arrival at work Monday morning, I found this unexpected gift for helping load the mattress:

beers for helping out

Saturday, I did 1.5 hours in the dawn sunshine listening to the birdsong compete with my MP3 player until I came to my senses and put the device away. Gorgeous morning that led to an afternoon tidying the garden.

2015-04-18 11 mile loopSunday’s long effort was especially pleasant despite the military helicopters that I initially thought were either tracking me or looking for escapees from the prison a little to the south. At the edge of a field of canola I found three soldiers napping next to a long mortar tube which was as disconcerting as you might think that sounds. The run took me past a number of pubs that I’ve never been to before but I was pressed for time and had to limit myself to two: the Three Daggers at 9.4 miles and the Lamb at 19.1 miles…both spectacular choices, by the way.

2015-04-19 Devizes Edington Urchfont loop

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