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Three Daggers Edington sign


The run already seemed long due to the uneven but, blessedly, dry mud tracks I followed most of the way from Devizes.  I was heading to the Three Daggers which opens at 8 but since my first bus to Devizes only left Swindon at 9 I was staggering into the Daggers a little after 11.


Three Daggers Edington dark


From outside it seems a fairly modern inn but I have been assured most of the building dates to the mid-19th-century with some of the beams dating to around 1750.  Inside, you get more of an old-tavern feel despite the restaurant focus and I was greatly pleased to find they sell beers from their own micro brewery.  I took my inky dark beverage to a brightly lit snug with a scented candle alight in it.


Three Daggers Edington beer


It seems popular, too, with a steady flow of locals and travelling folk queueing up at the bar.  I think it is the only local pub, anymore, but with the cessation of most operations at Keevil Airfield just across the way they really don’t need a lot of competition.  The village is tiny and the highway isn’t especially busy.


Three Daggers Edington


Map here.


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