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sign has sharp edges

{This post is mostly relevant to the laboratory workers out there and much of it will mean nothing to anyone born after the mid-1970s.}

It has been ages since I saw a notice saying, for instance, “No Pipetting By Mouth” but the folks I first did legal chemistry with taught me how to do it and some could even tell you the pH of an acid solution just from the headspace fumes that made it to their mouths.

I also worked with some laser jockies in the past that, in lieu of containing the ionizing radiation in a closed tube just relied on the fluorescence of the aromatic hydrocarbons in the copious tobacco smoke to show the location of the beam.

Those days are long gone. Yet, here’s a solvent cabinet under one of our lab benches:

2015-03-19 no smoking in the lab please


For another good lab photo, follow this link:


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