Royal Oak, Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire   1 comment

Royal Oak Wootton Rivers sign

I had a brief skin cancer follow-up at the hospital but since it was scheduled for noon I just took the day off as part of my vacation allotment (I now get 6 weeks and a day each year plus Bank Holidays and I used to struggle to use up my 2 weeks worth back in the States, so this wasn’t really a waste).  Jackie was working so after the next treatment plan was settled (non-surgical, so that’s something) I caught the bus to Savernake Forest and ran down to the Royal Oak, one of the few pubs left in the area I had not yet tried out.

Royal Oak Wootton Rivers bar

It seems a nice enough house and it has a B&B attached.  I arrived ten minutes before the lunch service ends but people were still coming in for drink as I finished up a perfect Wadworth 6X ahead of my dash back to the bus stop a few miles away, so I guess the bar is open all afternoon.  The roof is being re-thatched and the car park was a flurry of activity.

Royal Oak Wootton Rivers

Map here.


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