Air Balloon, Birdlip, Gloucestershire   1 comment

Air Balloon Birdlip sign

Five miles into today’s run I was at the highest point of the trail so I decided to celebrate the successful climb with a beer at the Air Balloon.  The bartender definitely took to the Jules Verne balloon theme as he only seemed capable of A Round of Coffee in 80 Days, and after I had been standing there a full five minutes he finally acknowledged my existence and said he’d be with me as soon as he finished the coffees for a table of four.  I popped into the loo for a slash and to rinse the drying sweat from my eyes then meandered back out to the bar and waited yet another five minutes for my most air balloon-like pint (it’s the Air Balloon-est):

Air Balloon Birdlip beer

It is a grand building inside and right at the crossing of two busy highways atop a hill from which you can see the Gloucester Cathedral in the distance.  It has to have something like that to keep in business, eh?

Air Balloon Birdlip

Map here.



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