Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden, Gloucestershire   2 comments

Carpenter's Arms Miserden sign

In the Carpenter’s Arms, I was enjoying my pint near the roaring fire — I think it was just there for atmosphere and to use up the firewood supply since the winter has been so mild — when one of my fellow patrons started asking me about my run route.  He and his partner both had good suggestions for quiet lanes to avoid traffic but seeing as Miserden is out in the middle of fucking nowhere this really wasn’t going to be an issue.  The guy was a dead ringer for Fred Armisen and I probably kept the conversation going longer than he had hoped for while I tried to put my finger on just who he reminded me of; he finally broke free when I started expounding on one of my favourite topics, pub carpeting:

Carpenter's Arms Miserden pub carpet

There was a flyer advertising the local primary school with a tagline of “we’re a lot closer than you think.”  Creepy though that might be, it was a funny boast as the largest town on the list to prove Miserden isn’t exactly BFE was Stroud which is roughly halfway between Swindon and Gloucester (or, to put it mildly: remote).  But, if you want your kids schooled close to the cultural capitals Brimpsfield, Elkstone, Birdlip, and Bisley you can wait for them to get released from classes over a pint at this spectacular watering hole.

Carpenter's Arms Miserden

Map here.


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