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Daneway sign

There is a certain horror, having climbed several hills over the course of 15 miles or so, in a steep descent toward a riverbed still five miles from the end of a run; you already know that as far down as you go you will have to climb once again.  This dread can be alleviated with a pint of strong drink, though, and the Daneway is just the place to provide such.  It is a great country pub that puts on no airs: it is there for the beverage and those who like it.  There are camping sites available, too.

Daneway bitter

I took my beer out to the garden overlooking the derelict canal (the pub is situated near the Sapperton Tunnel, which I have mentioned before).  There was a guy loudly faking an Italian accent for a girl who would probably have been quite happy to find out he was actually local; in fact, the faux inflection initially sounded Welsh to me but that’s kind of what you might expect to happen when a West Country fellow tries to sound Tuscan.

He made some noise about living in Leeds, now, and not being able to find spices to cook his traditional foods (in particular he couldn’t find saffron, which doesn’t feature in many Italian cookbooks that I have).  Slavishly listing every chain supermarket and how they had nothing I had to wonder why he had not tried some smaller Asian market but since he only wanted to list nationwide stores (probably because he lives in Miserden and only knows the ones he can get to in Stroud or Cirencester), I piped up, “try Holland and Barrett.”  Stunned, he looked up and his fake-cent cracked a little, “Holland and Baird?”  His woman to be corrected him and said that there must be one of those near him.  I added, “they’re spices are pretty hit and miss but I’ve gotten saffron there, before.”

Breaking someone else’s rhythm is always good for restoring one’s own and I finished my beer, donned the pack, and headed up the hill to the Bathurst Estate and the final leg of the day’s run.


Map here.


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