Old Restoration, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire   1 comment

Old Restoration Cheltenham sign

The interwebs has the Old Restoration opening at 9 am everyday on every web page that has opening times listed.  So, when I arrived a little over ½ mile into my run at 10 am to find the doors bolted, I considered going on without sustenance; quickly peering through the windows for signs of life I spotted the staff looking quite annoyed that someone was already waiting to get in.  I got my beer from the gruff bar man and retired to a window to watch the Cheltenhammers go on about their business on the street.

It is a great old bar and in fact claims to be the oldest pub in town.  They don’t seem to need (or, at least, want) my business, so I say, ‘good for them,’ as they will get no more of it.

As I left to finish the 21 mile run (only 20.5 to go), I thanked the bartender who glared at me as though I told him to suck my cock.  At least, I don’t THINK I said it out loud.

Old Restoration Cheltenham




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