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2015-05-03 weekly run chart

As promised, this was a bit of a fallback week with significantly shorter Saturday and Sunday efforts planned and complete rest (save for a few miles commuting and at work) on Monday.  The work on the A420 continues so I’ve been using the closed Westbound dual carriageway from Botley to Cumnor as my private track to get around the gridlock on Botley Road from the bus station to Cumnor Hill.  An error in judgement on Sunday turned the planned 13 miler into 19.7 to bring the week in at 55.4 total.

Friday marked the annual May Morning festivities with a sunrise choir and Morris dancers and general drunken behaviour down by the Magdalene Bridge but my earliest bus would still get there too late for the main part of the party.  Instead, I did a jog in from Cumnor and, since the pub licensing is more-or-less waived for the morning, found a breakfast beverage awaiting me at the Wheatsheaf (an Oxford Gold backing a double shot of Wild Turkey 101).  In the alley I stripped down amongst the rabble and changed into the dry clothing I had packed and was accosted by a group when one of them spotted my Drunken Bunny Liqueurs hoody; another one of them just returned from Nepal (leaving the day before the earthquake) and yet another said she idolizes my boss so I figured it would be rude not to join them at the Bear for a pre-work stiffener.


Oh, later in the day this patch arrived which I inadvertently earned by participating in the challenge without realising there was a ‘gimme’ involved…the archive is immune to web searches but if it helps the dude sponsoring the effort goes by the name ‘Stinky In My Ass’ or SIMA and has a connection to the Stumptown Hash House Harriers but that’s about as much help as I can give:

SIMA Ass Challenge Patch Electrostatic Sector

There were student talks scheduled all morning so the afternoon was a bit hectic Friday.  My final work duty before the long weekend was to clear my office whiteboard which has become overladen with humour.  The latin bits are potential lab coat-of-arms slogans (‘Unimpeded By The Thought Process’ and ‘I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus’):

2015-05-01 work whiteboard quotes

The Sunday run was supposed to be about 13 miles and I had 15-16 actually planned but had to turn back when I found a road closed and impassable.  The overland route I eventually cobbled together to get around this took me far out-of-the-way and through some of the worst shiggy (the best kind) I’ve seen in years.  There was knee-deep fetid water, briars, slick and muddy slopes…brilliant.  By the time I got to the first of the four pubs I eventually logged, I was already tired and sweating like a fat man at a buffet.  The pub list included: The Turnpike and the Vale of the White Horse Inn (in Minety), the Forrester’s Arms (Leigh), and the Purton Club (a WMC that was a delightful find).

2015-05-03 Sunday run


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