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Turnpike Minety

The extra mileage and the slog through sodden pastures left me soaked with sweat or, more to the point, marinated in my own juices.  The intersection ahead was like a beacon at a distant safe port because I knew the Turnpike pub was on the corner but as I turned at the junction I couldn’t find it; standing in front of a modest house checking my map to find it should be here I looked up and saw the signage.  This was it, I guessed, but still wasn’t certain until I pushed into the second doorway and saw the bar.

There were two bicyclists and another punter along with the bartender.  We talked about politics in the serious way that an impending election demands…y’know: is Nicola Sturgeon doable.

Also, I got some insight into the party political system as one of their mutual friend’s niece is trying for a so-called safe Tory seat (one that you can’t help but win).  The Con Party is making her stand at least twice in doomed constituencies (where she can’t possibly win but they want a blue presence nonetheless) to prove she’s serious about running.

And, speaking of running I had to continue on…

Turnpike Minety beer pump

Map here.


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