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Great Western Corsham sign

I left the Neston with a wish of ‘good luck’ from the affable landlady after complaining that I had just come in having been lost in the fields (Middle Aged Wasteland?) for an hour.  Almost immediately, I found an interesting path not on my map and thought, “what’s the worst that could happen?”  Overachiever that I am, I rapidly veered away from my intended direction despite having the Sun exposed for dead reckoning and a compass and a GPS device and yadda-yadda-yadda I went the long way to Corsham.  But, I’m a lucky boy and I trundled into the Great Western on my way to another house that is somewhat out-of-the-way.

Great Western Corsham beer

There was a crowd of sports fans wearing the blue I suspected to be Everton’s stripe (I gathered from the previous pub stops that they were playing the doomed Sunderland squad) transfixed on a telly.  The gruff landlord appeared every now and again but one of his kin served me a Hook Norton Lion.  Leaning into the sporting bar I asked the nearest guy, (what are you all done up as? A Liverpool supporter?”  I then backed away slowly from his glazed glare as he missed a goal on telly.

I really like the place…the bar I was in fell off to a lower room where the spectators I saw were corralled.  There was another lounge next door where a different match was being viewed.  I imagine that this was once the railway tap (perhaps the long defunct Corsham Station was here) and that this was a much more lively pub.  Still, as a local at the bottom of the hill and far from the high street you could do a lot worse.  Find it on the map, here.

Great Western Corsham


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