Harp and Crown, Gastard, Wiltshire   1 comment

Harp and Crown Gastard sign

The winds were strong and southwesterly as I ran to the southwest from the Chippenham Bus Station but the skies were glorious and the temperature mild and I looked forward to finding the first of my pubs for the day.  I hurried down single-track farm roads that, nonetheless, were heavily travelled for a Saturday morning but survived the onslaught of motor vehicles to emerge in Gastard across from the Harp and Crown at Noon:01.  Helping the landlady prop the doors open before entering this grand, Cotswold stone structure led to a brief chat about my path so far and the pubs ahead.

Harp and Crown Gastard Oyster Stout

It is lonely when you are the first punter of the day at a roadside pub in a small village.  The staff have setting up to do especially in a place that appears to be as much a restaurant as a boozer.  Additionally, I was quite funky (odour, that is, although I lately feel like I am living life On The One) so I retired to the enormous and well groomed beer garden with my Oyster Stout to map out my next section of the run.  As it turned out, I got lost anyway….

So you don’t get lost, here’s a map.

Harp and Crown Gastard

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