Neston Country Inn, Neston, Wiltshire   1 comment

Neston Country Pub

The class system in England baffles most Americans, and I am certainly one of them.  I ran to this pub from another village pub a mile and a half away but because the landowners have systematically obliterated the legally required way markers and paths I wound up cutting through the middle of their crops and pastures a few extra miles out of my way, such is the wisdom and honour of the Great British Middle Class.

But, eventually I found the Neston and I enjoyed the journey to get there (so, fuck you, Great British Middle Class).  Then, I entered the place and immediately heard much gnashing of teeth and consternation regarding the now two-day-old election.  It took me a while to determine the angle from which the discussion about the possible procedural tactics to tie up legislation might take given the narrow but real Tory majority but I came to believe that it was an ever so slightly liberal lens through which the situation was being viewed.  Looking around a bit I came to determine that this crowd was largely what, in the States, would be called “solidly middle class” which here might more likely be a hair above “skilled working class.”  This is where it gets difficult as an outsider…the Middle Class here are what, in the States, passes as a form of the Aristocracy and they have the same kind of expectation of privilege that the Brahmin Bostonians have.

But, the folk here seemed to be in a netherworld between the Skilled W. C. and the British Middle Class and this is what made it strange.  Obviously they were professional people and not hurting for want, nor were any of their recent ancestors (I would guess).  Instead, they seemed to be from a segment of society much more native to my lands: straddling two worlds (or more) because every large family event brings you into contact with those that have done better and others who have never tried (nor, indeed, why should they?).

I guess it is with some irony then that my tipple was a pint of Thatcher’s Traditional, sitting in a pub on a nice day with people talking bollocks about things political that won’t change for the better for at least 5 years at 1 in the afternoon.  The landlady spoke with me (between orders that came faster than I thought they should for the small crowd in there) about other pubs I had targeted but that I was likely to put off for another day.  It is a grand house, if remote, and worth a stop in if my brief experience is any indication.  Map linked here.



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