White Hart, Castle Combe, Wiltshire   2 comments

White Hart Castle Combe sign

Dead quiet in the White Hart when I arrived in Castle Combe but that’s probably because I and the landlord were the only people in the village that could speak English.  I dodged a plague of Frogs milling Gallic-ly about in front of the Cross and then a mass Chinese reenactment of the June 4 street protests in Tiananmen Square on the adjacent street; I was close to interrupting some Polish waiters to ask directions when I spotted the pub and entered the last bastion of the Empire.

White Hart Castle Combe Boundary ale pump

“Is it always like this?” I asked, actually referring to the noise from the racing circuit on the hill.  “Oh, yes, but it’s also Japfest this weekend so it’s worse than usual,” he answered ALSO referring to the racing circuit but since I grew up in the 60’s playing war games where the baddies were always Japs or Krauts I was caught out smirking.  “I meant the races, you understand, not all of,” he pointed aimlessly out to the square dismissively, “this.”  I assured him I knew what he meant but he felt compelled to tell me about the souped-up Japanese motors that feature in the weekend’s highlighted events.

The beer was lovely, and the house is spectacular.  The map is here.

White Hart Castle Combe

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